Your broken shutters will look like new!

Window shutters are beautiful and add a look of “California Elegance” to any room. They're not inexpensive, but when properly maintained they will remain beautiful and functional for many years. But, even in the best of situations, accidents happen! The dog misses you and decides to eat a louver or two. The housekeeper over cleans and breaks a tilt rod. The sun dries out the connections and they break. Or, maybe the kids decide to play ball in the den and break five louvers. It happens, we’ve seen and fixed it all!

Window Shutter Repair is here to repair your shutters. We ONLY fix shutters and we are manufacturer recommended. The majority of repairs are done in your home. If necessary, we’ll cut, color match and install any wood part needed. We’ll repair the damage, inspect all of your shutters and teach you the best and safest way to clean them. Or if you’d like, we’ll send our cleaning crew and do it for you. The difference is amazing. Your shutters CAN BE FIXED!!  Others are going to say they can’t be fixed, but that’s because they want to sell you new shutters. We don’t sell shutters and ONLY recommend you buy new if yours are beyond help. We service all of Southern California.

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